Children’s excessive screen time competing with your pet care?


Poket Pet is a digital guide that trains young dog owners to raise a real pet

How does this work?

Poket Pet is a solution for parents whose kids spend too much time on their devices.

With this application, young pet owners will engage in real-life activities, such as timely walking, feeding, and picking up after your pet.

Kids will be rewarded with a fun game every time they complete a task and the parents will be able to track their progress and success.

What do you get with Poket Pet?

Virtual Dog

A little avatar dog helps you understand you real pet behavior

Task Manager

You can assign tasks related to pet care to your child


You can compete for the “Best Pet Parent” while completing the chores related to your real pet
Poket Pet Screenshot


Smart and interactive notifications will remind you about the pet’s needs

Food Calculator

You’ll know exactly how much food your pet needs depending on the age and breed


Get awarded for performing tasks on time by unlocking new levels

Here are some examples

Time to walk your real dog

Time to feed your real dog

Time to play your real dog

Dr. Ivan Zak with son

Dr. Ivan Zak

Founder & Veterinarian

“As a Veterinarian and a father, I understand how challenging it is to engage your kids in anything but screens these days. I believe we found a way to use the screens for the greater good of our kids and for the welfare of animals”

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